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New Member Spotlight

Until we can safely network in person, get to know our new members through our Q & A.

Welcome Liza Andrews to WMG! 

Self-Development Coach | Photographer | Creator of the PictureCure® Methods

What do you do?

I am a multimedia professional. As I photographer, I do fine art, luxury portraits, fashion and advertising. I teach workshops and webinars on my two signature methods, "How to Become Photogenic" and "How To Enhance Professional Presence". As a writer, in the past five years, I have been writing and curating articles about career and lifestyle for the Portuguese-speaking online magazine Arte & Manhas da Mulher. I wrote two young-adult novels commissioned by a Portuguese school; and I am currently writing the self-help book You Beyond The Mirror, sharing the creation of my methods, discussing case studies all over the globe and my twenty years of experience using photography, video cameras and audio recordings to help people improve their personal and professional lives. 

How did you discover WMG?

I photographed author Susan MacKenty Brady, who was featured in the January ’19 event, “Conquer Your Inner Critic, Stop Making Excuses” with pro development legend, Sally Hegelsen. I was highly impressed with the content, format and location of this discussion. As a guest at other events, I loved the level of interaction and supportive energy among members

Your favorite book and the show that you're watching now?

I'm always reading and writing, and I have favorites in different genres. Since I work with "Reinvention", I'm delighted when (accidentally or not) I find books about the subject. One of my favorites is "Tipping the Velvet" by Sarah Waters. This story is sometimes simplistically labeled "a love story" or a "lesbian story", when it's actually about a woman in the controlling atmosphere of the 1890's, who has the rare opportunity of experiencing multiple roles until she discovers her true self. Regarding TV shows, I'm currently enamored by Netflix's "Unorthodox", about a woman's attempt to escape a Hasidic Jewish community in Brooklyn. Riveting. I love the writing, directing, and the way they chose to tell the story, alternating current action with chunks of the past, which are not mere flashbacks, but a journey into habits, expectations, and rituals of a community that not everyone is familiar with. Brilliant acting that reminded me of Elizabeth Moss in The Handmaid's Tale; and a young character so emotionally relatable (even if you never faced any of her challenges) you can't stop rooting for her.

What is your top career goal right now?

Boost my network of other creative professionals in New York City to collaborate on projects and share resources.  

What are you looking forward to most post quarantine?

Personally, I miss hanging out with friends, attending cultural events, and going to the theater. I also love cooking and hosting parties. I can't wait to have guests over for brunch or the Intellectual Wine Studios my spouse and I normally do every month. Professionally, I'm counting the days to return to studio work, photographing clients, teaching workshops in person (instead of only online), and exploring gorgeous locations outdoors with my production team, to create my next fine art collection.

How can WMG members connect with you?

My fellow members can contact me directly by email liza@picturecure.com, and I'll be glad to connect on LinkedIn

For Workshops and Webinars: http://www.picturecure.com/

For Fine art, Portraits, Fashion and Advertising: http://www.lizaandrews.

Welcome Nevin Mays to WMG!

Editor, writer's coach, children's bookseller, literacy and literature advocate

What do you do?

I'm currently a freelance children's book editor. I work mostly with new authors who hope to get an agent and a traditional publishing deal; with indie authors who are self-publishing; and occasionally do copyediting and proofreading for traditional publishers.  

How did you discover WMG?

Kathy Sandler suggested I check it out, and if Kathy recommends it, I take her word for it! I was privileged to have worked with her and learned from her at Scholastic Book Clubs on their e-reading app. 

What's your favorite book and a show that you're watching now?

Despite the orange of the cover, which was a turnoff for me from my vantage point at the cash register of the bookstore I was working for at the time, Where's Halmoni?, by Julie J. Kim, is so creative and beautiful! You can just read it straight through and you'll have had a fun reading experience. But if you pay careful attention to the endpapers, you'll have a deeper experience. If you fill in the Korean words and the Korean folklore from the backmatter the story springs to life. It's a rainy-Saturday, long afternoon, lap read and re-read.

As for TV, I've just started the last season of Schitt's Creek. I avoided it because of the name, but once I started it was hard to turn it off and go to bed. The characters are terrible and loving and real and over-the-top all at once and I spend every episode thinking I just want everything to work out okay for everyone.

What's your top career goal right now?

I moved back to NYC in February with a goal of working in-house again, this time as an acquisitions editor. I previously acquired children's audiobook rights for Listening Library. Now I want to combine my freelance experiences of working directly with authors with my market knowledge from my previous years in-house and at a bookstore to support authors' and publishers' businesses. 

What are you looking forward to most post quarantine?

Being able to shop for furniture and home decorations. I don't want to order sight unseen, but I need a dining table. We didn't finish furnishing our place before NYC went into lockdown. We eat dinner on TV trays. Watching Schitt's Creek.

WMG members can connect with Nevin via LinkedIn or via her website.

Welcome Elisa Ung to WMG!

Freelance writer, ghostwriter and editor at Elisa Ung Media LLC

What do you do?

I’m a book collaborator and ghostwriter who specializes in stories of food, mental health, and self-improvement. I have a background as a restaurant critic and news reporter. 

How did you discover WMG?

I took a ghostwriting intensive last fall with Michelle Burford, a book collaborator whose work I admire. Michelle recommended that I join WMG, and another awesome ghostwriter colleague, Kathy Huck, was kind enough to nominate me. 

What's your favorite book and a show that you're watching now?

“The Diary of Anne Frank” has been my favorite book since elementary school and boy, does it resonate today.

My 10-year-old son and I just finished watching “Home Before Dark” on Apple TV +. What a great quarantine watch: it follows a 9-year-old reporter as she tries to solve a 30-year-old mystery. The show requires some suspension of disbelief, for sure, but I’m impressed by how much it gets right about being a journalist and being a curious child. 

What's your top career goal right now?

I’d like to co-author more books for major publishers. I just finished a three-author memoir with recipes about a Vietnamese refugee and her American host, and their lifelong friendship and acclaimed restaurant (scheduled for a spring 2021 release by Chronicle Books). I am also working on a prescriptive mental health project with a psychiatrist. 

What are you looking forward to most post quarantine?

Live theater! I try to see as many Broadway and off-Broadway shows as possible. Stephen Sondheim’s virtual birthday celebration helped tide me over, and I can’t wait for the “Hamilton” movie in July.


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