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  • New Member & Annual Business Luncheon
    March 25th at 12:30 PM
    Meet New WMG Members, Mingle with Friends, and Celebrate Our Woman of the Year at WMG's spring lunch at Upper Story

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Women’s Media Group is a New York-based nonprofit association of women who have achieved prominence in the many fields of media. Our members, drawn from book, magazine, and newspaper publishing; film, television, online and other digital media, meet, collaborate, inform and support one another as well as mentoring young women interested in publishing careers.  Find out more on the About Us page.

Interested in Joining Women's Media Group?

If you are a woman working in publishing and media in the New York City or surrounding areas, we'd like an opportunity to get to know you better and perhaps invite you to become a member. Please check out our website to learn more about us. If you'd like to contact us about joining, please e-mail [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you.

WMG's 2019 New Member & Annual Business Luncheon!

Meet New WMG Members, Mingle with Friends, and Celebrate Our Wonderful Woman of the Year at WMG's spring lunch at Upper Story on Monday, March 25th at 12:30 PM.

This year WMG's Woman of the Year is Jill Sansone, longtime publishing colleague and former WMG president. If you came to a WMG small dinner in the past ten years, you have Jill to thank! Think about all the connections and friends you've made because of these gatherings and Jill's work in putting them together. Please come and share our tribute to her!

Bring a book wrapped in a plain manila envelope and let your tablemates know what makes it special and why they'll love it.

Our networking lunch is always a high point of the year that affirms our bond, continuity, and growth as a community. This is also our annual business meeting where we vote in the new board. We look forward to seeing you there!

This lunch is for members only. Please RSVP here.

WHEN: Monday, March 25 at 12:30pm
WHERE: Upper Story, D&D Building - 979 Third Avenue at 58th Street, 14th Floor
COST: $60.00

If you'd like to support our WMG Columbia Scholarship by donating $5, your ticket purchase will be $65.00

Monday, March 18 at 6 pm
CANCELLATION DEADLINE: Monday, March 18 at 6 pm

WAITLIST LINK: If you are unable to RSVP because the RSVP deadline has passed, please click here to add your name to the wait list. We will contact you if you can be added to the guest list due to a last-minute cancellation. Please do not come to the luncheon unless you have been informed that you are off the waitlist. Regrettably, members and guests who arrive at the luncheon who have not RSVP'd or who haven't been notified that they are off the waitlist will not be seated. 

Jill Sansone's 38-year career in book publishing started in 1975 at the Book-of-the-Month Club where she held several positions from Book Production Assistant to Acquisitions Director. She left the company after 18 years to become Associate Director of Subsidiary Rights at G.P. Putnam & Sons. Two years later, she joined Hyperion, the publishing imprint owned by the Walt Disney Company, to become Director of Subsidiary Rights, overseeing both the juvenile and adult departments. While there, she founded Hyperion Audiobooks and initiated the development of the publisher's ebook program.

Jill has been a WMG member since 1987 and was WMG President from 2006 through 2008, during which the group recruited some 45 new members, a near record at the time. Her robust Program Committee offered a roster of impressive speakers: Katrina vanden Heuvel, Francine Prose, Ruby Dee, Jennifer Weiner, Carolyn Reidy, and Nora Ephron. At the end of her WMG tenure as President, Jill founded our Small Dinners Program: members hosting meals in more intimate settings to provide a great way to network and support one another.

After retiring in 2013, Jill has done some consulting, but mostly spends time pursuing things she couldn't do while drowning in manuscripts and raising 3 children. She lives in Hoboken, NJ, with her husband, Peter Warner, a writer and retired President of illustrated book publisher Thames & Hudson.

[email protected]: Jill Abramson in conversation with Lesley Stahl, February 6th at Barbetta [SOLD OUT]

We are honored to welcome Jill Abramson, author of the eye-opening and important new book, Merchants of Truth, and preeminent broadcast journalist Lesley Stahl, to [email protected] for a conversation you won't want to miss!

Abramson, who made history as the first woman to hold the title of executive editor of the New York Times, will offer us a scintillating insider's look at the precarious state of the news business as she and Stahl discuss: 

  • The polarized media environment
  • What the New York Times learned from Buzzfeed and Vice
  • How digital journalism changed the news business 
  • Fake news, biased reporting, clickbait, hoaxes and rumors parading as journalism
  • The future of the news business 
  • How the conservative media FOXified her book and led Trump to tweet that she confirms that the New York Times is "unmistakably anti-Trump" 
  • Why it's important to have women in journalism during these times

We are facing a crisis in trust that threatens the free press. Abramson's book points us to the future in what Publishers Weekly says is "one of the best takes yet on journalism's changing fortunes."

Simon & Schuster has generously provided lunch attendees a copy of Merchants of Truth.

WHEN: Wednesday, February 6 from 12:30-2:00 pm
WHERE: Barbetta, 321 W 46th Street, between 8th & 9th Avenues
COST: $55.00

RSVP/CANCELLATION DEADLINE: Monday, February 4 at 6pm


WMG Master Class: Conquer Your Inner Critic, Stop Making Excuses, and Make It Happen! A Plan for the New You.

This is the year that you're going to make it happen! You're going to figure out what you really want and charge full-steam ahead. But then self-doubt creeps in or you get bogged down by the day-to-day. You flag, lose your motivation, start making excuses, and your goals slowly fall by the wayside.

So how do you quiet your inner critic and stay motivated to rise up the corporate ladder, start a business, write a book, land more clients, make more money, improve your personal and professional relationships, or just feel more confident?

On January 24 Women's Media Group presents a high-impact Master Class that will empower you and accelerate your goals!

Join us for a power lunch and coaching session with professional development leaders Susan Brady, author of Mastering Your Inner Critic, and Sally Helgesen, author of How Women Rise, as they teach you how to conquer self-doubt, stay energized, and get what you want.

  • Susan MacKenty Brady is an executive coach who inspires, educates and ignites leaders. As an expert in the advancement of women leaders, she advices C-level executives on how to create gender parity in organizations and motivates women to fully realize their leadership potential. As Executive Vice President of Linkage Solutions, Susan oversees two global solution areas: Purposeful Leadership & Advancing Women Leaders. She founded and now serves as co-chair of Linkage's Women in Leadership Institute™, led the launch of Linkage’s work in Advancing Women Leaders and Inclusive Leadership, and guided the field research behind the 7 Leadership Hurdles Women Face in the Workplace™. She is the author of Mastering Your Inner Critic and 7 Other High Hurdles to Advancement, and The 30-Second Guide to Coaching Your Inner Critic.

  • Sally Helgesen's work is widely regarded as the gold standard when it comes to women's leadership. Since the publication of The Female Advantage in 1990 (still in print), she has written five more books in the field and speaks to audiences around the world. Clients have included Microsoft, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Prudential Financial, Pfizer, Textron, Hewlett Packard, The World Bank, and dozens more. She has led seminars at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and Smith College, and her work has been featured in FortuneThe New York TimesFast Company, and Business Week.

WHEN: Thursday, January 24th from 12:30-2:00 pm - Bring your own lunch (or you can purchase beforehand in the cafeteria).
WHERE: Penguin Random House, 1745 Broadway, between 55th & 56th Streets, 2nd floor Maya Angelou auditorium
COST: Free. Guests welcome!
RSVP: Please RSVP here
RSVP/CANCELLATION DEADLINE: Tuesday, January 22 at 12pm


Women’s Media Group [email protected]: Gretchen Rubin in Conversation with Jenny Blake

NEW YORK, NY (Nov. 7, 2018) – At the last gathering of the Women’s Media Group at Upper Story restaurant in Manhattan, Gretchen Rubin, author of many bestselling books, including The Happiness Project and the forthcoming Outer Order, Inner Calm: Declutter and Organize to Make More Room for Happiness (Harmony / Random House, March 2019), and host of the top-ranking podcast “Happier with Gretchen Rubin,” answered questions from Jenny Blake, career and business strategist, international speaker, and author of Pivot: The Only Move That Matters Is Your Next One.

Connecting With Your Audience
Jenny Blake introduced Gretchen Rubin and asked her, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of The Happiness Project and the success of her podcast Happier, how she connects with her audience. Rubin explained how she learned from the failure to connect to her audience with her book about JFK – after that book she began to search for new ways to engage.

She explored connecting through blogs, social media, and podcasting and discovered she loves doing it! From there, she went on to create more channels of engagement including a newsletter, Instagram, a video course and Facebook Live, all of which is a lot work for her, she said, but fun. She gets material and insight into what people are interested in this way. “Audience engagement can lead you,” she said - it helps her figure out what to create next.

For Rubin, the books came first, then the social media. But now that the audience for the podcast that Rubin and her sister Elizabeth Craft produce, Happier, has had more 40 million downloads, it is better known than the books!

Start with Books
Rubin’s main source of inspiration for her books and content is reading. “If you are in the book industry, remind people that reading is a fun thing to do all the time!” she said. “All my ideas are from reading and from talking to people around me….randomly reading – not research.” She became obsessed temporarily with the subject of color, for instance, based on random reading. She is also inspired by children’s books and is a member of three children’s literature reading groups.

Always drawn to the topic of habits and human nature, in one form or another, her reading is across all genres and disciplines – she also reads nonfiction, biography, and memoir. Every week she posts about the 4-7 books she read with the hashtag #GretchenRubinReads.

“As a former member of the Women’s Media Group,” Blake asked, “how do you make the most of meeting professional friends?”

“Talk shop, have fun, hear what’s going on, get other perspectives,” said Rubin. “Think of friends as allies and not competitors and seek out friends in different fields and areas of publishing.”

Learn more about Gretchen Rubin at:

For more about Jenny Blake visit:

For more about this Women’s Media Group event, see these social media highlights:

This article was prepared by by Susannah Greenberg, WMG board member, and President, Susannah Greenberg Public Relations, a book publicity firm

WMG Master Class: How to Join the Resistance

“I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept.” ―Angela Davis

Are you upset about the way things are and want to know how you can do something, even while you have a full-time job? Have you ever dreamed about turning a mission-based passion project into an organization with scale? Are you ready to launch something meaningful in order to make a difference in your community?

Women’s Media Group is pleased to invite you to an evening Master Class with stellar speakers. Come meet and learn from some powerful and purposeful changemakers who will share their stories, vision, and how they made it happen.

Light bites and wine will be provided. Books from the speakers will be available for purchase and signing.

Our esteemed speakers for the evening:

  • Glory Edim is the founder of Well-Read Black Girl, a Brooklyn-based book club and digital platform that celebrates the uniqueness of Black literature and sisterhood. She is the curator of the forthcoming WELL-READ BLACK GIRL, an inspiring collection of essays by Black women writers on the importance of recognizing ourselves in literature. In 2017 she organized the first-ever Well-Read Black Girl Festival. She has worked as a creative strategist for over ten years at startups and cultural institutions. Most recently, she was the Publishing Outreach Specialist at Kickstarter. She serves on the board of New York City's Housing Works Bookstore.

  • Amanda Litman is the author of RUN FOR SOMETHING, a guide for young progressives looking to run for local office. She is the co-founder and executive director of Run for Something, a PAC that helps recruit and support young, diverse progressives running for down-ballot office. Previously, she was the email director for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, digital director for Charlie Crist's 2014 Florida gubernatorial campaign, deputy email director for Organizing for Action, and an email writer for Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign. She graduated from Northwestern University in 2012 with a B.A. in American Studies. She lives in Brooklyn with her rescue dog, Sadie.

  • Rachel Kempster Barry (Moderator) is the Founder of Resistance Reads, a newsletter that is launching in October 2018 with a slogan of "Spines Out, Friends!" It will have a focus on books, activism, authors, and politics, with a goal to amplify the work of other activists, grow your TBR pile, and create conversations around the intersection of books, bookstores, activism, and political action. She's currently running Tuesday Magic Marketing and was elected to her local Democratic Committee in June. She is the former VP of Marketing at DK, where she founded Star Wars Reads Day.

WHEN: Monday, November 12th from 6:00-7:30 pm
WHERE: Penguin, 375 Hudson, between West Houston & King Streets, room 5172 | Note that the location is convenient for all you downtown folks!
COST: Free. Guests welcome | Please only sign up if you intend to come, as space is limited
RSVP: Please RSVP here

[email protected]: Gretchen Rubin in conversation with Jenny Blake, November 7th at Upper Story

Gretchen Rubin is one of today's most influential and thought-provoking observers of happiness and human nature. She's the author of blockbuster New York Times bestsellers The Four Tendencies, Better Than Before, and The Happiness Project and host of the popular podcast Happier. Did you know that she was once a member of WMG? Well, she's back to share her wisdom with you! Gretchen will be in conversation with career and business strategist Jenny Blake, author of the award-winning book Pivot and host of the Pivot podcast. The dynamic discussion will focus on:

  • Building a Brand: Gretchen has built a huge global brand - she has sold millions of books, has over 42 million podcast downloads, and over 2.3 million YouTube views! How did she do it?

  • Pivoting: She made major pivots - how did she know it was the right time and right move? 

  • Happiness: We all want to be happier - Hear from the expert!

  • Habits: How can you master yourself and create healthy habits that last (and why aren't rewards always helpful for this)?

  • The Four Tendencies: How can you figure out your tendencies and how can this help you?

  • Outer Order, Inner Calm: How can you make room for happiness in your life and make choices to create order and cultivate beauty?

  • And get answers to your questions!

Guests welcome. Please RSVP here

WHEN: Wednesday, November 7 from 12:30-2:00 pm
WHERE: Upper Story, 979 3rd Avenue, between 58th and 59th Streets, 14th floor
COST: $55.00

RSVP/CANCELLATION DEADLINE: Monday, November 5 at 6pm

Free Screening: Rigged: The Voter Suppression Playbook

WMG member Susan Knopf invites WMG Members to a screening of Rigged, an important documentary about voting rights. Friday, November 2nd at 6 pm at the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law.

The screening is free, but please register here:

Rigged: The Voter Suppression Playbook is an informative, passionate, and compelling look at a subject important to all Americans. It is narrated by award-winning actor Jeffrey Wright (“Angels in America,” “Westworld”) and includes interviews from across the political map. As Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) states in the film, “I fear for our younger people. I fear they will not have the kind of democracy I experienced…somebody’s got to say, ‘This is not right.’ Somebody’s got to say, ‘We can do better.’”

The film was produced by American Issues Initiative and written by Timothy E. Smith, an Emmy Award-winning television news and documentary producer who has worked for MSNBC, Newsweek Productions, UnaPix Entertainment, and The MacNeil-Lehrer NewsHour (now The NewsHour) producing news and long-form pieces on politics, economics, technology, as well as science and medicine. The film was featured this week in Texas Monthly magazine.

WMG Spins the Wheel of Wisdom

Speakers - from left to right: Kate White, Janice Kaplan, Amy Morin, Susan Gordon, J. Kelly Hoey, and Susie Moore. Photo Credit: Charlotte Abbott.

By Candi S. Cross 

Nowhere else would you get unprecedented advice on six life matters in the span of two hours but WMG’s “Rise Up Roulette.” On Wednesday, October 10, all brains were ablaze and ears perked up for answers to questions on top talent recruitment, personal branding, meaningful transitions, crowdfunding, transforming passions into cash, attitude overhauls, and much more.

Presented in a contemporary format of learning in small groups for short spurts of time, “Rise Up Roulette” allowed 50 members to engage with a select band of bestselling authors and experts, who traveled from table to table to educate and inspire. Conversations were rich and resourceful to say the least—so much so that collectively, about 100 questions were addressed!

Here are a few highlights of the evening:

  • How to Network Like a Pro, with Kelly Hoey: Kelly, who has been hailed as “1 of 5 Women Changing the World of VC/Entrepreneurship” (Forbes) and one of the “25 Smartest Women on Twitter” (Fast Company), emphasized that networks must be created and cultivated thoughtfully. Each social media vehicle offers something different to your network; know your objectives before investing in each, and remember that in-person networking will still get you closer to big goals like finding investors. Her latest book is BUILD YOUR DREAM NETWORK. Quote of the eve: “Don’t deny your network the opportunity to help you.”

  • How to Figure Out Your Next Chapter, with Susan Gordon: Susan, the president and owner of Lynne Palmer Executive Recruitment, provided a guide for evaluating your next chapter. The five steps are: taking a personal assessment, doing research, planning your personal roadmap, knowing your story on why you’re changing paths, and ensuring you are ready to move forward by updating social media and joining new relevant groups. Quote of the eve: “Whatever you do for work, being happy is key!” 

  • How to Find Luck at Work, with Janice Kaplan: Janice, the author of 14 books and former editor-in-chief of Parade, advocated for being positive about where you are in any given moment, even in the trenches of a negative experience, because resentment or bitterness has dire consequences. She also suggested to always being open to unexpected directions because the outcome may be more fulfilling. Her latest book is HOW LUCK HAPPENS. Quote of the eve: “Gratitude can never be overrated or overstated.”

  • How to be Fearless, with Kate White: Kate, a New York Times bestselling author of several influential books for women and former editor-in-chief of five prestigious U.S. magazines, including Cosmopolitan for 14 years, stressed that courage is the hottest ticket in getting ahead. Exercising courage in your decision making, leadership style and goal setting will bring more satisfaction than stalling or avoidance. Her latest book is THE GUTSY GIRL HANDBOOK. Quote of the eve: “This is about taking a bolder, grittier, gutsier approach in your quest for career success.”

  • How to be Mentally Strong, with Amy Morin: Amy, a psychotherapist turned author and an instantly successful one, having started with an article that was read by 50 million people, shared a deeply personal story of tragedies leading to her optimum mental strength. She insisted that anyone can institute specific habits that breed mental strength fit for what could otherwise feel like an insurmountable odd. Her latest book is 13 THINGS MENTALLY STRONG WOMEN DON'T DO. Perhaps Amy’s most popular tip of the evening could be summarized in her quote: “Sometimes we think too much, wasting a lot of time on dread and anxiety.”

  • How to Cultivate and Work a Side Hustle, with Susie Moore: Susie, a high-performance coach and advisor to high-growth startups in Silicon Valley and New York City, described mesmerizing “side hustles,” or passions and interests yet to be explored for revenue. Spoken from a woman who has helped build three startups, all of which were sold, she advised to feel out your skill sets that could be used beyond your main career. Catering, organizing, and matchmaking in business and dating were just a few examples she discussed. Susie’s book is WHAT IF IT DOES WORK OUT? Quote of the eve: “If you are good at something, you may not need ‘credentials’ to build a side hustle.”

Thanks to Turn of the Corkscrew Books & Wine on hand to sell books and speakers’ willingness to connect with members beyond the event, this wheel of wisdom for WMG will continue to spin!


Photo Credit: Charlotte Abbott; Candi S. Cross; Shanta Speller

Literacy Partners Breakfast Series

One of WMG's founding members Joni Evans is hosting the October 30th Literacy Partners Breakfast Series, a conversation with legendary editor in chief Michael Korda. Click here for more information and tickets to this event.

WMG Special Event: Rise Up Roulette October 10th 6:30-8pm


You heard our new presidents announce WMG's new mission in June: To help each other and all women Rise Up!

To accomplish this, we've planned a power-packed, all-star event for October called "Rise Up Roulette."

Expert authors and coaches will be sharing their wisdom and divulging strategies to help you Rise Up in your professional (and personal) life, including:

  • How to be Fearless: Kate White (Longtime Cosmo Editor-in-Chief, bestselling author of The Gutsy Girl Handbook and 12 suspense novels)

  • How to Cultivate and Work a Side Hustle: Susie Moore (Confidence Coach and bestselling author of What if it DOES Work Out?)

  • How to be Mentally Strong: Amy Morin (Author of 13 Things Mentally Strong Women Don't Do: Own Your Power, Channel Your Confidence, and Find Your Authentic Voice for a Life of Meaning and Joy)

  • How to Find Luck at Work: Janice Kaplan (Author of The Gratitude Diaries and How Luck Happens)

  • How to Network like a Pro: Kelly Hoey (Author of Build Your Dream Network)

  • How to Figure Out Your Next Chapter: Susan Gordon (Owner, Lynne Palmer Executive Recruitment)

You will have an incredible opportunity to talk to these experts in small groups as they travel from table to table (that's the "roulette" part!).

Light bites and wine will be provided. Books from these experts will be available for purchase and signing.

WHEN: Wednesday, October 10 from 6:30-8:00 pm | RSVP here
WHERE: WeWork at 750 Lexington Avenue (entrance on 59th street, btwn. Lex & Park)
COST: $35 members only - space is limited!

[email protected]: Leveraging Trends in Audiobook Publishing, September 12th at Barbetta Restaurant

Just how hot are audiobooks? They continue to grow, surpassing all estimates!

Did you know:

  • Nearly one-in-five Americans now listen to audiobooks - Pew Research, 2018
  • Publishers, such as Hachette, Penguin Random House, and Macmillan have doubled their audiobook production in the last few years. - The New York Times, June 2018
  • In the first eight months of 2017, publishers’ revenue from audiobooks grew 20% from the same period a year earlier, while print books only rose 1.5% and e-books slipped 5.4%, according to the Association of American Publishers, which collects data reported by 1,200 publishers. - Wall Street Journal, Feb. 2018

Come hear all about them from an all-star panel at our next lunchtime [email protected] on Sept 12th. You’ll hear from:

  • Nita Basu (Senior Marketing & Publicity Coordinator, Hachette Audio)
  • Beth Anderson (EVP & Publisher, Audible, Inc.)
  • Amanda D'Acierno (President, Publisher, Penguin Random House Audio Group)
  • Mary Beth Roche (President and Publisher, Macmillan Audio)

The moderator is expert Robin Whitten - she founded Audiofile magazine more than 25 years ago! She will help us find out:

  • Who is listening? 
  • What content is working?
  • Where should our marketing be focused?
  • How should we think about audiobook metadata?
  • Why is now the right time to invest in the audio format?
  • And get answers to your questions!

Guests welcome. Please RSVP here

WHEN: Wednesday, September 12 from 12:30-2:00 pm
WHERE: Barbetta Restaurant, 321 W 46th Street, between 8th & 9th Avenues - NOTE NEW LOCATION FOR THIS LUNCHEON ONLY
COST: $55.00
RSVP/CANCELLATION DEADLINE: Monday, September 10 at 6pm


NEW YORK, NY (August 8, 2018) - The Women’s Media Group announced the recipients of its 2018 Fellowship, created to support young women of color who are interested in publishing careers. Two women were honored during a luncheon which took place at the Upper Story restaurant in New York City on June 14, 2018. The fellowships were presented by Miral Sattar of Bibliocrunch, who is WMG’s Co-President, along with Dee Dee De Bartlo of De Bartlo & Co.

In recent years, WMG has partnered with Retha Powers, Assistant Director of the Publishing Certificate Program (PCP) at the City College of New York, to identify students who show exceptional promise and a strong commitment to working in media. Fellowship recipients receive invitations to WMG events over the summer, one-on-one mentoring from its members, and a stipend to help cover living costs, among other benefits.

Jennifer A. Perry, Vice President, Worldwide Publishing, at Sesame Workshop, was host to the two WMG Summer Fellows for a one-day mentorship focused on licensed publishing. Said Perry, “My whole team was involved—they were excited to share their personal career paths as well as their expertise to help nurture the next generation of publishing professionals.”

Worldwide Publishing at Sesame Workshop was host to the Women’s Media Group Fellowship recipients for a one-day mentorship focused on licensed publishing. l. to r.: Aurora Soriano, Jennifer A. Perry of Worldwide Publishing / Sesame Workshop, and Tahmena Hussain.

The 2018 WMG Fellowship Recipients

  • TAHMENA HUSSAIN graduated from The City College of New York, with a B.A. in English Creative Writing. She has been on the Dean's List, 2016, and her attention to detail in her writing earned her The David Markowitz Essay Award, 2017. Shortly after graduation, Tahmena interned at Penguin Random House with Penguin Young Readers Group in the publicity department writing pitch letters, researching bloggers and media outlets, and drafting itineraries for author tours.
  • AURORA SORIANO is an English Literature major and Theatre minor at the City College of New York, where she is also enrolled in the Publishing Certificate Program. She is an English Honors student, and loves reading both contemporary YA novels and classic literature. Aurora is the current feature editor and a staff writer for CCNY's magazine The Campus, and is interning with the Children's Department of McIntosh & Otis this summer.

The WMG Fellowship and Scholarship Committee Members Are:

  • Moira Bailey, Editorial Director, Public Affairs at Empire State Development
  • Michelle Burford, Michelle Burford Editorial Services LLC
  • Emi Ikkanda, Senior Editor, Spiegel & Grau
  • Kristine Puopolo, Executive Editor, Doubleday Books
  • Darcie Rowan, Darcie Rowan PR & Social Media
  • Tessa Shanks, Business Manager, W. W. Norton & Co., Inc.

“We look forward to mentoring and working with these outstanding young women and we hope to contribute to more diversity in the book industry by welcoming them into our community,” said Miral Sattar, Co-President of WMG.


Susannah Greenberg
Susannah Greenberg Public Relations
646.801.7477 / [email protected]

The Women's Media Group provides a forum for networking, career development and advocacy. Activities include monthly meetings, seminars, cultural events. The group also runs a college fellowship for minority women.

WMG is proud of the accomplishments and diversity of its members and seeks to advance the position of all women through the power of communication and media.

Women's Media Group
PO Box 2119
Grand Central Station
New York, NY 10163
[email protected]

​​​​[email protected]: The Power of Influencer Marketing on June 14 at Upper Story

With the readership of newspapers and magazines waning and the decline in radio and TV viewership, influencer marketing has proven to be one of the most effective forms of advertising and publicity. It was on every trend list in 2017 and will continue to be a focus in 2018. Influencer engagement is important - not just to grow your author or brand's reach through a vibrant marketing channel, but also to learn from thought leaders, stay up to date on the trends, and maximize your author and brand's relevance.

We are thrilled to welcome a panel of experts on the topic of influencer marketing to our lunchtime [email protected] on June 14th at Upper Story. You'll hear from:

  • Stephanie Smith of United Talent Agency's IQ, UTA's social media strategy division

  • Tina Cervera former SVP of VaynerMedia and current chief creative and digital officer of Lippe Taylor

  • Jodi McKee, photographer, blogger, social media influencer with over 4 million followers on Pinterest

  • Sara Yasin, Deputy Director News Curation at Buzzfeed.

Our panel will be moderated by author, journalist, and social media innovator Ann Shoket who will ask our panelists:

  • What makes for an influencer? 
  • How do you build influence?
  • How do influencers work with publishers, brands, and personalities and how do we work with influencers?
  • Who are influencers trying to influence and what are they and we getting out of it?
  • How do influencers create robust engagement? 
  • How do we truly measure influence?
  • Where is influencer marketing headed?

There will be plenty of time for Q&A and dialogue.

Guests welcome. Please RSVP here

WHEN: Thursday, June 14 from 12:30-2:00 pm

WHERE: Upper Story at 979 3rd Avenue between 58th & 59th Streets.

COST: $55.00

RSVP DEADLINE: Monday, June 11 at 6pm

CANCELLATION DEADLINE: Monday, June 11 at 6pm

​​​​Terri Trespicio Master Class

On Friday, May 11 at Random House Terri Trespicio gave a terrific master class on Why Every Author Needs a TEDx Talk...and What It Takes to Get One.

Terri Trespicio is a WMG member and award-winning writer, speaker, and branding pro, who works with individuals and organizations to help nail their messaging and craft signature TEDx talks. Her TEDx talk, "Stop Searching for Your Passion" earned more than 3.6 million views to date.

Find out more on how she can help you or your authors do a killer TED Talk at

Terri Trespicio took the full house through her entertaining and informative presentation.

​​​​WMG Small Dinner

On May 10, 2018 Pam Krauss hosted a delicious small dinner in her beautiful home.

From left to right: Pam Krauss, Amber Hoover, Lisa Faith Phillips, Julia Pastore, Sarah Dickman, and Soumeya Roberts.

WMG Small Dinner

Bridget Marmion's hosted a Small Dinner on April 26th, here's the group enjoying the rooftop.

From left to right: Kelly Delaney, Anna Zappia, Bridget Marmion, Lisa Faith Phillips, Michele Weisman

Jill Sansone hosted a Small Dinner at her home.

From left to right: Lisa Faith Phillips, Susan Seliger, Gayle Kirschenbaum, Jill Sansone, Brandi Bowles, Natasha Zabohonski.

Susan Knopf’s Small Dinner at the restaurant Thaimee Table. The group discussed everything from the history of the WMG, projects we’re working on, and lots more.

From left to right: Esther Margolis, Judy Kern, Susan Knopf, Natasha Zabohonski and Kira Copperman.

​​​​WMG Business and New Member Luncheon

Please note we have moved our annual business and new member luncheon to Thursday, April 19th (it had been scheduled for March 27). It will still be at Upper Story. This lunch is for members only. At this event, in addition to voting in the new board and welcoming new members who've joined over the past year, and our popular annual Media Swap, we will also honor our WMG Woman of the Year 2018. This year we are thrilled to honor Jean Naggar for her illustrious career.

Our March business luncheon is always a high point that affirms our bond, continuity, and growth as a community. We look forward to seeing you there!

An email with a reservation link will be sent out.​

​​​​WMG Brown Bag:  CEO of Cookit Media on How Influencers Build their Brand and How You and Your Clients Can Too

Please join us for an inspiring and informative talk on how influencers build their brand and how you and your clients can too with Laurie Buckle, Founder + CEO of CookIt Media, a Los Angeles-based digital media agency, at our February 26th Brown Bag lunch at Random House. (Note Laurie has to fly later that afternoon back to LA so we will start the talk as close to 12:30 as possible.)

Laurie launched CookIt Media in 2014 with the goal of helping influencers create a unique brand strategy — a story that would resonate with a target audience and set them apart in a saturated market. Wanting to provide her influencers with brand partnerships that fit their goals and vision, as well as ongoing brand consulting, CookIt added brand management to their offerings in 2015. CookIt’s collective expertise in content production led to the creation of the content studio in 2016, which works directly with brands and influencers to create smart, engaging content that elevates their brand and grows their business.

Her passionate vision and ideas will help you and your clients ignite powerful and effective brand strategies.

​We will leave plenty of time for Q&A.


Laurie is the Founder + CEO of CookIt Media, a Los Angeles-based digital media agency that works with food influencers to help them become bigger, better businesses. She is also on the board of directors of the International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP).

Laurie has more than three decades of experience in food publishing. She held key positions at Bon Appétit, Better Homes & Gardens, and Kitchn. As Editor in Chief of Fine Cooking magazine, she successfully redesigned and relaunched the brand. Her passion for storytelling and deep experience in content development inform every project CookIt takes on, from helping an influencer find their true north to helping a brand truly win at social.​​​​

Guests welcome. Please RSVP here​​.

WHEN: Monday, February 26 from 12:30-2:00 pm. Please arrive by 12:30 as we'll start the talk as close to 12:30 as possible as Laurie needs to depart for the airport.

WHERE: Random House, 1745 Broadway, between 54th & 55th Streets, Dr. Seuss room on the 14th floor

COST: Free

RSVP DEADLINE: Friday, February 22 at 6pm

WMG Small Dinner at Notaro Ristorante

 Lovely small dinner at Notaro Ristorante on the east side.  Great food and great company.








From left to right:  Gayle Feldman, Lathea Williams, Julia Pastore, Jill Sansone and host Susan Knopf.

WMG Winter Luncheon: What men need to know (and women need to tell them) about working together

As stories of sexual harassment and assault continue to proliferate, we need to talk about how to use the #metoo moment to make systemic, lasting changes that empower women as true equals and create​​ a​ safe and ​dynamic working environment which benefits women​ and men.

​​Please join us on February 6 at Upper Story for an illuminating and important in-conversation with Joanne Lipman, author of the new book ​THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID: What Men Need to Know (and Women Need to Tell Them) About Working Together​. Lipman, a veteran journalist, began her career as a reporter for The Wall Street Journal, ultimately rising to deputy managing editor​​—the first woman to attain that post​​—and recently stepped down from serving as Chief Content Officer of Gannett and Editor-in-Chief of USA TODAY​.

Lipman​ ​partly based her new book on a ​controversial ​article​ she wrote for the Wall Street Journal in 2014 titled​ ​​Women At Work: A Guide for Men. Her goal, she said "was to get to the bottom of issues that men face every day" when it comes to understanding their female colleagues and leveling the playing field. ​

Among the topics ​she'll address ​with moderator Ann Shoket​:

  • ​Sexual harassment
  • ​​The respect gap
  • Unconscious bias​
  • Interruptions
  • The pay and promotion gap
  • The motherhood penalty
  • “Bropropriation” and “mansplaining”
  • And more….

​​There will be plenty of time for Q&A ​and dialogue.
​​The lunch will be hosted at Upper Story on Tuesday, ​February 6 at 12:30 PM.

​​Guests welcome. Please RSVP here​​​​.

WHEN: Tuesday, February 6 from 12:30-2:00 pm

WHERE: Upper Story at 979 3rd Avenue between 58th & 59th Streets.

COST: $60.00

RSVP DEADLINE: Thursday, ​February 2 at 6pm

CANCELLATION DEADLINE: Thursday, ​February 2 at 6pm


​​Joanne Lipman is the author of THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID: What Men Need to Know (and Women Need to Tell Them) About Working Together, published by William Morrow (January 30, 2018).​​ A veteran journalist, she has served as Chief Content Officer of Gannett, and Editor-in-Chief of USA TODAY. She began her career as a reporter for The Wall Street Journal, ultimately rising to deputy managing editor—the first woman to attain that post—and supervising coverage that won three Pulitzer Prizes. Subsequently, she was founding editor-in-chief of Portfolio magazine and, which won Loeb and National Magazine Awards.

Lipman has pioneered integrating gender equality into the workplace. She has written on the topic for publications including The Wall Street Journal, the New York TimesUSA TODAY and Time. As one of the most senior women in the media industry, she has actively promoted women in the newsrooms she leads.

A frequent speaker about women in the workplace, she has addressed mixed-gender groups at major law firms, banks, professional and civic organizations, on issues such as unconscious bias, women in leadership, and bringing men into the conversation about gender equality. Recent speaking engagements on women's issues include the Aspen Ideas Festival, the World Economic Forum in Davos, and Women in Cable Television's national leadership conference, which she keynoted with Katie Couric.​ 

Lipman is a winner of the Matrix Award for women in media. She and her husband live in New York City and are the parents of two children.


Ann Shoket has been a key architect in shaping the national conversation about and for millennial women. ​​Over the last 15 years, ​she brought two major young women’s publications to number one across every platform. As Editor-in-Chief of Seventeen from 2007 to 2014, Shoket repositioned the iconic fashion and beauty brand to dominate as the most relevant voice for its 13 million readers. As part of the launch team of CosmoGIRL in 1999, she helped revolutionize teen magazines by talking openly about important emotional issues that weren’t yet addressed by traditional publications.

Shoket’s book, The Big Life​,​ is a guide for millennial women who are changing what it means to be powerful and successful in the world​.

WMG Holiday Party

Please join us for our Women's Media Group Holiday Party!

Tuesday, December 5th from 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM

Where: 1280 Fifth Avenue, 5th floor (at 109th Street)

This free event is for members only.

Interested in more of our past events and posts? Check out our archive by clicking here.

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