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    • October 01, 2020
    • 12:00 PM (EDT)
    • Zoom

    Thursday, October 1, 12:00 p.m. EST

    Free to attend for members. Guests welcome!

    U.S. payrolls grew by 4.8 million in June, according to the Labor Department, but the totality of damage to the economy as a result of the pandemic may not be known until well into 2021. As the coronavirus continues to rage throughout the world, where do you stand as an employee, employer or entrepreneur? Is your resume current and ready to go if you need to make a move or simply desire a change in your career and livelihood?   

    During this virtual session, you’ll learn:

    • Lesley’s insider tips on resume writing in the 21st century 
    • New techniques to target your industry and others that could use your skills and are hiring
    • The mindset for making a career move with confidence during these uncertain times  

    Lesley Yvonne Hunter is president of Resume Makeover and Lesley Yvonne LLC. Lesley is a licensed Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) and copywriter and member of PARW/CC (Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches). Her resume writing experience is vast as she has reconstructed and given resume makeovers to various clients cross-industry from recent college graduates to high-level executives. Some of the clients Lesley has worked for have applied for and obtained jobs in the fields of accounting, management, sales, entertainment, law, design, education, writing, administration, government and others. In her free time, she may be playing piano as she is a classically trained pianist since age 4. She is also a lover of languages and is fluent in French and Italian and has basic proficiency in Mandarin Chinese and Spanish.

    • October 14, 2020
    • 12:00 PM (EDT)
    • Zoom

    Wednesday, October 14 at 12:00 p.m. EST

    Free to attend for members. Guests welcome!

    Are you shy in front of a camera or hate most of your pictures? Time to take a new headshot and can't find the right angle? Then this action-packed session is for you!


    During this virtual session, you’ll learn:

    • Liza’s insider tips for taking the best photo that values your assets and minimizes any flaw…every time
    • The philosophy behind “body mapping,” which has helped dozens of professionals take great shots and improve their self-esteem
    • Accelerate your confidence by being your own practice photographer and studying your pics

    Speaker bio:

    Liza Andrews is a self-development coach, photographer and the creator of the PictureCure Methods. Her education and experience involve human resources, psychology and photography.  She started her career in the corporate world, working with recruiting and training programs. With the advent of social media, having a strong professional presence online became mandatory, and Liza brought her expertise in portraiture to the table. Her methods contemplated not only the moves to look good on camera, but also, the psychological aspects that make people feel shy and self-conscious about their image. Liza has taught her own method on “How to Become Photogenic” in Europe, South America, and the United States, and she has helped people with physical limitations and depression improve their self-esteem using photography. Liza was interviewed by Globo TV about her volunteer work with cancer survivors, and Bold TV New York about the importance of one’s profile photos to get the best jobs.

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